Rengarenga Lily

Arthropodium cirratum

Rengarenga / NZ Rock Lily

Rengarenga is recorded as being one of the five sacred mauri, those things possessed of the soul of the Māori people. It was once eaten after being cooked by hangi. Rengarenga was also used in varying ways  for treating ulcers, tumours and abcesses.

60cm high x 50cm spread. Broad strap-like leaves, with stems of white flowers emerging late Spring to Summer.

Plant in clumps for best effect. Good for dry, exposed, shaded and salty places once established.

Think of it and treat it as the native version of the Agapanthus. More recently replaced in cultivation by Arthropodium bifurcatum (also known as rengarenga) – less prone to slug and snail damage, and more robust – 1m x 75cm.
Thrives in semi-shady areas. Handles only light frosts, not fussy with soils.

RNZIH – The Significance of Rengarenga to Māori
Taranaki Education Resource – Arthropodium cirratum
Royal Horticultural Society – Arthropodium cirratum




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