Carex secta

(previously known as Carex virgata var. secta)

Pūrei / Pukio

Pūrei is a stately waterside plant because of its graceful shape and visually soft texture. A short trunk develops after a number of years. Māori used the leaves for roof thatching.

1.5m x 1.5m. A graceful plant, with arching leaves and seed-heads. Leaves are more yellow-orange where not growing in the shade, and in winter. Pūrei develops a thick trunk of old roots and stems over time. Grows naturally on the margin of still-water ponds and wetlands.

Important in wetland restoration where not too shaded. Also a graceful element in any sunny spot where ground cover is required. A good visual contrast to bold-textured plants and sharp lines.

Grow in sun or light shade. Not good with drought.

Pūrei is only naturally found growing next to still waters. The similar Carex virgata is the more ecologically correct choice for other sites.

Carex virgata –  minimally branched and upright flowering stems. The V-shaped leaves (in cross-section) are a little less rigid.

Taranaki Education Resource – Carex secta
NZ Plant Conservation Network – Carex secta




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