Miniature Toetoe

Chionochloa flavicans

(previously known as Chionochloa “flavescens” and Danthonia antarctica var. alpha elata)

Miniature Toetoe / Snow Grass

Very much a miniature version of a toetoe. No recorded use or significance by Māori, though much-loved in contemporary landscaping for the sharp contrast between lush leaves and creamy flower-heads.

0.75m high x 1m wide. Lush green slender, weeping leaves. Lime-green plumes 1-1.5m high in early summer, turning straw-coloured as the seed ripens.

Flowing leaves and weeping flower-heads lend this plant to banks, rockeries and where excessive hard lines require breaking. Best planted en-masse, and contrasted against rocks or plants with larger rounded leaves.

Prefers lots of light, but shelter from the hottest part of the day Auckland north. In hotter sites, ensure good drainage. Don’t allow to dry out when establishing. Plant 0.8-1m apart.

Toetoe (Austroderia spp.) – Larger, flower heads more upright. Leaves a duller blue-green, with a prominent mid-rib.
Wind Grass/Gossamer Grass (Anemanthele lessoniana) – leaves more russetted orange-green. Flower-heads pink, feathery and insignificant.

Taranaki Education Resource – Miniature Toetoe
NZ Plant Conservation Network – Chionochloa flavicans


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