Machaerina sinclairii

(previously known as Vincentia anceps, Cladium sinclairii, Cladium gahnoides and Vincentia sinclairii)

Pēpepe / Toetoe Tuhara / Strappy Sedge

Flower-heads remain for several months through summer, moving with the breeze. These heads are popular with florists, as with the glossy leaves. Seeds are spread by the water over which Pēpepe often hangs.

50cm-1m high x 1.5m wide. A flat-leaved grass, with semi-drooping leaves. Flax-like in appearance, but leaves aren’t folded into a “V” – rather they have no central vein at all. Flowers aren’t showy, but are tiny, held in bunches on flat stalks, and mirroring the colour of rusted iron.

Looks best planted en masse, particularly where its drooping glossy leaves can compliment a stream or pool. This is a good plant to assist in soaking up water in coastal seepages.

This plant grows fine in warmer and shaded situations, but prefers cooler cliffs and banks where there is ample light and wet soil. Good drainage is important to avoid bases rotting. Wind and frost hardy.
Virtually maintenance free, though cutting away dead leaves will keep it looking tidy.

Seed-eating birds as well as skinks benefit from plantings of Pēpepe.

NZ Plant Conservation Network – Machaerina sinclairii
Oratia Nursery / Titirangi Tatler – Machaerina sinclairii




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